Concentration with the help of CBD, is it possible?

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Everyone knows the problem: an important task has to be done, but you just can't manage to concentrate. Your thoughts wander, you constantly look at your mobile phone or get distracted by the smallest stimuli. Many people find it difficult to concentrate, especially in the home office. But concentration problems can also occur during conversations, reading or other activities. Why is this and what role does CBD play in improving concentration?

Why do I have concentration problems?

Concentration problems are a widespread problem. Many people find it increasingly difficult to concentrate for long periods of time, often attributed to a change in our media consumption and new means of communication. We are getting used to consuming stimulus-intensive media such as social networks, whose content is adapted to be absorbed even when our attention span is very short. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many people to concentrate on a task or activity for a longer period of time. It is not easy to scientifically prove this connection between the ability to concentrate and media consumption. For this, elaborate long-term studies have to be conducted. Canadian scientists found in a study with more than 2000 test persons that the average attention span dropped from 12 to 8 seconds between the year 2000 and 2015. The ability to successfully complete multi-tasking tasks, however, increased dramatically. However, there are also studies that find no difference between the ability to concentrate of people with high and low media consumption.

There are also physical causes of poor concentration such as iron deficiency or other deficiency symptoms. Similarly, lack of sleep, a poor diet, lack of exercise or low blood pressure can all lead to difficulty concentrating. The mind can function best when all physical needs are satisfied. 

In addition to physical deficiencies, however, psychological causes such as mental (over)stress and also serious mental illnesses can cause concentration difficulties.

Performance enhancement with CBD?

Whether at work, at university or in sports, many people have the desire to increase their respective performance.

However, performance-enhancing products from the pharmaceutical direction often entail a high health risk and are therefore not advisable.

Kanapee Deo (CBD) is a plant-based active ingredient and can do a lot for our health.

The following is a more detailed explanation of how CBD can help with personal performance enhancement.

To begin with, one must distinguish between different types of performance.

In general, one can distinguish between physical performance and cognitive performance. The need for this performance enhancement differs depending on the person, for example in a job or hobby. There are few performance-enhancing aids that comprehensively increase the entire performance spectrum, i.e. cognitive as well as physical performance.

However, the regular use of CBD can bring about a comprehensive increase in performance. This concerns cognitive abilities, but also physical attributes.

How does cognitive performance enhancement through CBD work in the brain?

The human brain is constantly at work and it performs permanently. These do not necessarily have to be strong active performances such as mental arithmetic, but already processes and reactions that run subconsciously and that we do not even notice.

For these attributes, too, we need attention, comprehension, concentration and responsiveness.

If we have too little of these abilities, this is often related to a state of exhaustion. Not infrequently, this state of exhaustion is due to too much stress, physical and mental overload and insufficient sleep.

This is exactly where the effect of CBD is supposed to start.

Cannabinoids like CBD, which dock onto the corresponding receptors in the brain, have been shown in some studies to have a relaxing and calming effect.

When we are well rested and refreshed, we are generally able to perform better and also cope better with strong stresses or can process stress better. The anxiety-relieving properties of CBD can also be a great help in improving performance, as people can then deal with professional tasks more effectively because they are free of anxiety. Yours is also the reason why it enables you to improve your performance in exam situations, it reduces nervousness and insecurity, which can otherwise be the cause of "weak" performance.

What helps against concentration difficulties?

How CBD can help with lack of concentration

CBD can not only help with falling asleep or calming down. There are more and more reports that CBD can also help with concentration problems. It is important to look at why this is possible.

It is not necessarily that CBD directly helps with concentration problems, but rather that the active ingredient can address the causes before they are present.

Because for problems in the area of concentration. If there is always a cause, even if it may not be immediately clear, it is worth trying to tackle it with the help of CBD. 

The use of CBD for concentration problems is possible or helpful, among other things, when sleep problems, inner restlessness, stress or pain lead to the problem. It has been shown that the regular intake of CBD can have a positive effect.

So it is primarily about this. The causes that lead to concentration problems can be eliminated in advance with the help of CBD.

The right dosage and application is crucial.

In order to prevent or combat concentration problems in the long term with the help of CBD products, the dosage is an important issue!

If the dosage is not taken into account when using CBD, the intake will only be of little benefit, it may relax a little, but CBD will not have a particularly great effect on concentration problems otherwise. CBD can be consumed in many different ways.

The most popular uses are in the form of oil or by smoking the flower. Capsules and gummy bears with dosages premade by the positioning are also becoming increasingly popular.

CBD oil, for example, can be used up to three times a day. 2-3 drops under the tongue should be enough. Consistency of application plays a major role here. However, there is no exact dosage; the consumer is advised to feel his way towards the optimal dosage for each individual.

In this case, CBD is not supposed to make you tired, but to strengthen your concentration. 

A lot helps a lot is therefore not the right motto here.

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