CBD and Anxiety

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Anxiety is a common mental disorder that can manifest itself through excessive worry and fear. They can lead to a restriction of daily activities and a reduction in quality of life. Most people suffer from anxiety in their lifetime, but for some it can become severe and chronic.

The exact causes of anxiety are not fully understood, but they seem to be based on a combination of genetic, environmental and biological factors. Treating anxiety can be difficult and often depends on the severity of the disorder and the individual needs of the patient.

CBD is often suggested as a possible treatment option for anxiety because of its anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. It also has no psychoactive effects that can occur with the use of THC cannabis.

Studies on CBD and anxiety disorders

A 2011 study found that CBD can reduce anxiety in people with social anxiety disorder (SAS). Participants in the study took either a CBD or a placebo pill and then had to give a speech. Those who took CBD reported less anxiety during the speech and also had fewer physical symptoms such as shaking and sweating.

Another study from 2014 found that CBD can also be effective for people with generalised anxiety disorder (GAS). Participants in the study took either CBD or a placebo and then rated their anxiety symptoms. Those who took CBD reported a significant improvement in their symptoms compared to those who took the placebo.

There is also evidence that CBD may be effective for other anxiety disorders such as panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A 2019 study found that CBD can help reduce anxiety symptoms and improve sleep quality in patients with PTSD.

It is important to note that further studies are needed to investigate the effectiveness of CBD for anxiety and how it should best be taken. CBD can be taken in a variety of ways, such as capsules, oils or as an inhalant.

Side effects of CBD for anxiety disorders

There are also possible side effects of CBD that should be noted. These include fatigue, diarrhoea and changes in appetite. It is important to seek advice from a doctor or other healthcare professional.

CBD as an alternative to medication?

In recent years, CBD has become a popular alternative to traditional anxiety medications. Although further studies are needed to fully understand the effectiveness of CBD for anxiety, there is already promising evidence that it can be a valuable adjunct in the treatment of anxiety. It is important to seek advice from a doctor or other healthcare professional before taking CBD to ensure it is safe and suitable.

Studies on the topic 

Cannabidiol for anxiety and sleep: a large case series [5].

Published in: The Permanente Journal

Conclusion: The study of 72 subjects shows that both anxiety and sleep scores improved after taking CBD. Anxiety levels decreased readily within the first month and remained low throughout the three-month study period.
Cannabidiol reduces anxiety induced by simulated public speaking in patients with treatment-naïve social phobia [6]

Published in: Neuropsychopharmacology

Conclusion: This controlled study shows that CBD therapy prior to public speaking reduces anxiety, cognitive impairment, and complaints of speech performance, as well as attention to anticipatory speech.
A naturalistic investigation of the perceived effects of cannabis on negative affect [7].

Published in: Journal of Affective Disorders


The study of 5,085 evaluations on the use of cannabis for anxiety showed that subjects perceived a 58% reduction in anxiety. In the case of depression, the effects diminished again over time. It could be that in this case a dosage adjustment or a course of treatment would have made sense. CBD can reduce short-term symptoms of negative effects such as anxiety, stress or depression as a complementary therapy approach.

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