Our Story

Everything starts small! It's the same with us...

Behind us as CBD Essentials are three guys from Berlin: Arian, Tim and Theo. When we founded our company in 2021, we were just 17 and 18 years old respectively. As very close friends, we had the idea early on to start a joint project at some point. This dream came true sooner than we could have imagined. 

Through a contact from Arian's family, we were introduced to a topic that we had not paid much attention to before: CBD. It turned out that part of his family in Brixen near South Tyrol runs a plantation for CBD flowers and its processing. As a result, we started to look into the topic of CBD very intensively, and within a few months we developed a strong enthusiasm for the subject.

One question we couldn't answer from then on was why CBD enjoyed so little attention, especially in Germany.

With the help of the possibility to buy high quality CBD products from a family business that we know and that grows CBD organically, we wanted to change this situation. This initial idea developed into the basic identity of our company, which still exists today: to get CBD away from the old stoner image and to make it a modern lifestyle product for everyone.

From then on, things moved relatively quickly, we created the first sketches for a company structure, tried to get start-up capital and worked hard on ourselves to be able to realise our ideas.

Partly while we were still at school, we opened our first shop at Warschauer Straße 16 in Berlin in June 2022 and, at the same time, the first version of our online shop, which was still relatively modest at the time.

Since then, the three of us have been working every day to realise our vision and offer high-quality products at an affordable price.

Our Responsibility

From the beginning, it was clear to us that with such a business, we also have a responsibility. 
In order to prove our promises regarding the high quality of our products and to offer the customer complete transparency, we have listed the respective current laboratory results in the product images in the online shop.

With our motto of "Essentials", we also speak out clearly against flooding the market with different products and focus on the basic "Essentials".

If you still have questions of any kind and especially about the individual products or their quality, you can always reach us by telephone at+49 172 6623035 or by email at info@thecbdessentials.com

Our Team

Arian Abri

After finishing the IB in 2020 at the Berlin British School, I started my very first entrepreneurial endeavour. I founded my own company called CANNA ESSENTIALS GmbH. My company specialises in selling CBD products and additionally gives companies within the cannabis industry consulting in marketing and brand development. After working on building the firm during 2021 and 2022 | decided to start studying (Hons) Business & Management at Lancaster University Leipzig on a merit scholarship.

Other than my entrepreneurial activities, my interests revolve around reading about the newest disruptive sustainability projects and geopolitics. I source most of my information from The Economist and Deutsche Welle which I enjoy reading very much.I am also very keen on Sports, especially football. Due to this passion, l am assisting in a new project called Ball Different.

Theodor Klink

I graduated from Werner von Siemens Gymnasium in the summer of 2022. Already during my Abitur I founded my first own company, CANNA Essentials GmbH, with two of my closest friends.

Our company specialises in the distribution of high-quality CBD products. We have a shop at Warschauer Straße 16 and an online shop. On this exciting path, I gain new experience in a wide variety of topics every day, as we take care of all tasks. My experience therefore ranges from accounting to marketing to retail.

Besides the company, I have completed internships in the right scientific field and worked in the catering industry during the summer. From October 2023, I am enrolled in a law degree programme at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Tim Brand

After my Abitur, which I completed at the Werner von Siemens Gymnasium, I began studying International Management at the Macromedia Berlin and am currently in my fourth semester. At the same time, we founded CANNA Essentials GmbH, which currently sells high-quality CBD products through our CBD Essentials brand. Our first shop opened in June at Warschauer Straße 16 in Berlin Friedrichshain. I also work in management at WeMed Medical GmbH.

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