CBD: Sex drive, libido, benefits & drawbacks

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We all love it! 

We all want to improve it! 

We all get too little of it!

There are little things as cherished as sex in our lives.

Having sex often and a healthy sex life with your partner (or without ;) ) can be the special ingredient for vitality and overall well-being. 

So we establish: 

Sex brings joy. 

Now add some CBD into the mix and see what's in store!

Why is CBD good for sex?

As much as we enjoy sex and love to have it. We all know and can remember the anxiousness and insecurities we've felt before. As much for females as for males, these problems apply to all genders!

Think of the first time you had sex. (now there's probably a smirk on your face) Perhaps because something along the lines of embarrassment happened back then.

Am I right?

Can CBD make sex better?

Well, facing reality, the fact is that many people still feel insecure about their bodies and their performance in bed. 

CBD can benefit from releasing some of that tension to relax and enjoy that special moment with the person you are sharing this intimate moment with.

Can CBD improve your sex life?

One of the biggest drivers of failure in long-term relationships can be a lack of sexual experiences with your partner. Stressful careers, noisy kids and numerous daily tiring chores can exacerbate the problem. 

Relationships can often feel like that romantic and passionate fire has gone out. We're physically exhausted after a long day making sex just another hassle. This makes couples feel unfulfilled, empty and lonely, which affects their self-esteem, making the relationship uneasy and difficult.

A relationship should encapsulate relaxation, intimacy and ecstasy, where CBD can lend a helping hand to reach this state naturally.

Can CBD increase libido?

For those who are unclear about libido, it's our sex drive and how horny you are (for Gen Z).

So does CBD affect your libido, and could products such as CBD oil be a benefit for libido disorders? 


Let's explain:

There are so many physical and psychological reasons for things not to work as well as we'd wish in the bedroom. One of them, which grasps well for women but also for men, is pain whilst having sex. For many, this is THE biggest turn-off, maybe after shouting your Exs name whilst shagging your new boy/girlfriend.

The reason for pain during sex, most of the time, is the tension inside you, making it impossible for your body to relax and enjoy that moment- hence, it hurts.

So if you use CBD oil or a lubricant, you'll deffo be more relaxed, and the whole process will be easier to handle. 

In addition, the calming and analgesic benefits of CBD are used in aphrodisiac massage oils for the intimate area, making sex more delightful for women.

Gently rubbing CBD oil, for example, can increase sensitivity and natural lubrication, making sex significantly more pleasurable and stimulating.

Which CBD is best for sex?

Due to the vast range of products in the CBD space, it can be difficult for customers to orient themselves to which CBD product is the best for sex?

What might be the best CBD oil for female arousal, or what are the best CBD gummies for sex? What is the best CBD for sex for men? 

All these questions we hope to answer all.

But it's not so straightforward that we could tell you exactly who needs what.


Generally speaking, you can never go wrong with CBD oil. CBD oil is strictly for ingesting through the mouth. CAUTION: don't start rubbing it on your genitalia! If you start getting kinky ideas, you might have an irritating feeling, and you don't want to ruin the moment, do you?

We suggest using no more than 10% of CBD oil. This is because, with higher doses, you might get sleepy, and your overall horniness will transverse into a deep snoring sleep. It isn't bad, but not ideal if you really want to kick it off.

So either minimise the amount of CBD oil you ingest or lower the dose- either work! 

CBD gummies or CBD capsules are also not bad. Still, it takes longer until one feels the effect as the CBD is absorbed through the stomach and intestines rather than the mucous membranes.

CBD and viagra together?!

Some people report more significant sildenafil (Viagra) efficacy after using CBD oil, which helps improve erections and reduces anxieties associated with performance anxiety.

So CBD for sex drive, a yes?

What does Akademia say?

In 2019, the Journal of Sexual Medicine released a study that assessed the endocannabinoid levels of healthy male and female test subjects during and after orgasmic masturbation. Endocannabinoids are cannabinoids produced by our own bodies.

Surprisingly, the study discovered a rise in the endocannabinoid 2-AG (2-Arachidonoylglycerol) in the test subjects following orgasm. This led to the conclusion that the endocannabinoid system influences human sexual responses. However, a more considerable scientific investigation is required to understand which role 2-AG indeed plays when it is created as part of sexual pleasure.

This process may be aided by cannabinoids such as CBD oil, CBD lubricant, or CBD preparation, which assist users in reproducing this molecule.

For further information on this topic take a look at the studies from which we have sourced our information from:



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