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Restful sleep is one of the most important things in life, because only when you are rested do you have enough energy to be productive throughout the day. Many people therefore rightly ask themselves: "Can CBD help you sleep better?" or "Does CBD help you fall asleep?". 

Especially in stressful times, it is important to have a balanced sleep and if you have problems with sleep and then put pressure on yourself to fall asleep, this increases the stress level in your body and makes it even harder to sleep. 

There are many reports about positive experiences with hemp drops or CBD oil. As a new or rediscovered herbal remedy, CBD is supposed to help us fall asleep naturally, or at least help us to do so. Users use CBD for restless or poor sleep, recurring sleep problems or to generally sleep better. Perhaps you also have users in your circle of acquaintances who have told you about a sleep-promoting effect and an increase in the quality of sleep by taking hemp oil or CBD. 

Which CBD product for falling asleep? 

If you've now decided to try CBD to help you sleep more restfully, deeply and quickly, however, the question still remains: "Which CBD product is best for sleeping?" 

If your primary concern is to find out if CBD can help you sleep better, you can try almost any CBD supplement for sleep. 

We would recommend our CBD gummy bears or one of the CBD oils to start with, as we have had positive experiences with the products in the topic of sleep and these products work faster than CBD capsules, as the CBD is absorbed into the body more quickly this way. 

What CBD dosage is good for falling asleep?

After finding the right product, the next question is: "What CBD dosage should I use to fall asleep? The question about the dosage is a very common one and it is very difficult to answer because everyone reacts differently to CBD and the effect always varies. 

Can you do without sleeping pills?

The simplest solution for getting a grip on sleep is often the classic sleeping pills, such as tablets and the like. However, these aids have so many disadvantages and side effects that we cannot recommend taking them. Especially if they are taken over a longer period of time, as tolerance can quickly develop. This means that the body becomes accustomed to the sleeping pills and the users have to take them more and more often and in higher and higher doses in order for them to really work. One should never underestimate how quickly a physical and mental dependence can develop. 

Now you're probably asking yourself the question, 

"What makes CBD better than sleeping pills?"

For that, a combination of elements comes into play here.

On the one hand, the external cannabinoids are supposed to help the body's endocannabinoid system get going again. On the other hand, cannabidiol, which is extracted from the hemp plant, also contains so-called terpenes. These are said to have an additional calming effect, relax the muscles and also relieve mild anxiety. At the same time, they accelerate the effect of the actual cannabinoids. 

Difference between insomnia and sleep problems?

Short-term sleep problems are usually caused by stress, worry, overwork or simply an unhealthy lifestyle. Almost everyone knows them and they are usually present. Doctors, on the other hand, speak of a sleep disorder when you regularly wake up at night and can no longer fall asleep. Or you can't get any rest at all and falling asleep becomes an ordeal.

In this case, you have come to the wrong place in our guide. In this case, your path should lead you to your family doctor. If the causes of the lack of sleep are medical problems such as processing trauma or mental illness, this problem must first be eliminated before sleep optimization can take place.

Can I take CBD every day?

CBD is repeatedly diagnosed as well-tolerated by the human body.

Even high doses of up to 1,000-1,500 mg per day are well tolerated by people. Nevertheless, we rather recommend a lower dosage of qualitative products to avoid possible side effects of CBD, such as fatigue, dry mouth or loss of appetite.

The intake of CBD is offered in different dosage forms, for example as CBD oil, extract, tea, capsules or cosmetics. CBD oil is the most popular form, as CBD oil is easy to use and can be taken practically anywhere. Concentrations of 5% to 10% may be suitable for first-time users: With just a few drops, the desired amount of CBD oil can be easily obtained when needed by holding it in the mouth under the tongue for about 20-30 seconds before swallowing. In this way, the active ingredients of the CBD oil can quickly enter the body through the oral mucosa and unfold their effect.

Studies on the topic 

Hypnotic and antiepileptic effect of cannabidiol 

Published in: The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

Conclusion: The double-blind study with 15 subjects suffering from sleep problems showed a significant improvement in sleep duration. The placebo showed no corresponding effects.

Published in: The Permanente Journal

Conclusion: The study of 72 adult subjects showed that sleep scores improved in 48 subjects within the first month. Over time, however, they began to fluctuate. A dosage adjustment might have been useful.

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