CBD and Music: Can CBD help enhance your music listening experience?

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CBD and Music: Can CBD help enhance your music listening experience?

Have you ever heard about sedatives?



Sedatives are sleep-promoting substances.


Music is definitely up there in the top 3 behind... duh, CBD, obviously!

So what makes this dream team? And does CBD really make music sound better?

How does CBD help with music?

CBD takes effect in the endocannabinoid system. It is absorbed through receptors of this system and can possibly inhibit the release of certain stress hormones. 

Besides, CBD can help with specific physical ailments affecting our mental well-being, such as inflammation or muscle cramps. With an improved mental state, listening to music enhances the stress-relieving effect, making the experience more immersive.

Even though there is little research on the effect of cannabidiol and music. Many studies have shown music's impact on mood and stress relief. According to scientific research at the University of Marburg in Germany, music might reduce stress. The study found that listening to music reduced stress and decreased measurable cortisol levels in the patient's saliva. This is especially true for folks who listen to music to unwind. In other words, the reason you listen to music… is crucial.

Having established that there is no clear scientific evidence of how the effect of CBD makes music sound better there is more to find out about these two sedatives!!!

Further CBD and Music combos 

CBD combined with music is pretty cool already, but there's more!!!

Imagine combining that with meditation and breathing techniques... 

That's relaxation brought to its maximum!

Here's how to do it:

Use our CBD isolate oil, pump the best songs of the year, grab your favourite yoga mat, start inhaling and see what happens!

Really emulsify and encapsulate yourself in the feeling of inner peace and we promise you will feel relieved and relaxed!!!

Some people prefer rainforest sounds, others need hard metal to really chill out- the genre is dependent on your liking! 

So choose wisely!

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