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Coffee is an integral part of many people's everyday lives. Therefore, many people are probably wondering what the new "CBD coffee" trend is all about. So let's first clarify the question of what CBD coffee actually is. The term CBD coffee is actually quite easy to explain, because it is simply coffee with some CBD drops from a CBD oil. 
But why would you do that? Why put CBD oil in coffee?
Because you can combine the positive properties of caffeine with the properties of CBD. 

What are the benefits of coffee with CBD oil?

Coffee with caffeine and CBD both have an effect on the nervous system. Although the substances have different effects on the body, they seem to complement each other ideally.  The combination is known to be very successful because the chemical structure of CBD and caffeine is very similar and can have many positive effects on humans.
Both substances dock at the same receptors in the brain and are broken down by the liver. Since the body now has to break down two substances at the same time, the effect of CBD coffee lasts longer.

But that's not all CBD can do in combination with coffee...

...and we will now clarify to what extent CBD minimises or even takes away the side effects of coffee. 
CBD can lower the high blood pressure caused by caffeine In addition, CBD can lower the heart rate and help to improve the way the body feels. CBD and coffee are also said to combine to create the perfect middle ground between tension and relaxation. 

Which CBD oil goes best with coffee? 

Often CBD oils have a rather strong aftertaste that many people do not like. Therefore, the perfect solution is a neutral-tasting CBD oil. Our CBD Isolate oils are transparent and tasteless. So it's ideal to add a few drops to your coffee and let the good effects take effect.

What dosage of CBD oil in coffee?

The most frequently asked question is what dosage to use with CBD oil. 

We can say in advance that CBD has a different effect on each person and therefore we cannot give an exact answer to this question. However, we recommend starting with a low dosage and just trying it out. If you feel that you want more effects from CBD, you can slowly start to increase the dosage. Also, you should only buy from reputable CBD dealers to make sure that the quality is at a high level.

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